Feeling lost in the college prep maze?
Simplify the Process With a College Countdown!

Imagine being emailed 12 months of action items that help put (and keep) you on track!

Each grade-level-specific calendar lists out the action items you should be doing every month to prepare you for applying to college.

Get 12 months of guidance through college prep strategies -- customized to your current (or future) grade level.

Tired of College Admissions Overwhelm?
Does any of this sound like you?
You're not sure how to start prepping early to make sure you're a standout college applicant

 You're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with thinking about college applications and all you have to do?

You're ired of your parents nagging about what you need to get done -- and when -- for college applications?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, wouldn't a step-by-step, month-by-month guide be exactly what you need to eliminate some of the stress college prep invariably brings?

No need to stress. I've got you.

Introducing College Countdown: 12 Months of College Prep Strategies for High Schoolers!

This incredible month-by-month calendar is here to rescue parents and high school students from the overwhelming world of college admissions. 

With a solid action plan in place, you can say goodbye to the stress of not knowing what steps to take or feeling alone in the process. 

Let's simplify college prep together and make sure you and your student are fully prepared to conquer the exciting journey ahead!

As an essay coach, I work with college applicants to help them recognize their accomplishments and draw unique connections between their life experiences, their values, and their college and career goals. I offer a customized approach to brainstorming, writing, and editing admission essays, and my accessibility and relatability to students are the cornerstone of my approach. I’m proud to ease the stress between students and parents while increasing students’ writing confidence.

But I also realize essays are just one part of the application puzzle. That's why I created this calendar: To give students every advantage they can get, from the beginning of their high school career to after their last application is submitted.

How It Works

  • Step 1: Get Your Hands on College Countdown. This month-by-month calendar is specifically designed to help you stay on track and ensure you don't miss a beat when it comes to college prep and admissions.
  • Step 2: Follow the Month-by-Month Guide. This guide gives you a clear and comprehensive action plan tailored to your grade level to help you prepare for college.
  • Step 3: Say Goodbye to Overwhelm. Preparing for college admissions can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. But with College Countdown by your side, you'll feel like you've got a partner in the process
  • Step 4: Stay Organized and Track Your Progress. With the calendar's easy-to-follow format, you'll have a simple and effective way to stay organized and track your progress. 
  • Step 5: Get Ready to Shine. From tips on building a strong academic foundation to resources for crafting a compelling personal statement, this guide covers it all. You'll feel prepared to showcase your unique qualities and stand out from the crowd.
  • Step 6: Enjoy the Journey. Preparing for college shouldn't be all stress and no fun. With this planner, you may even find that college prep is an adventure worth enjoying! 

So, if you're a high schooler ready to embark on the college admissions journey, don't go it alone. 

Say goodbye to overwhelm, embrace a clear action plan, and get ready to conquer the college admissions process like a pro. Your dream college is waiting, and College Countdown is here to help you make it a reality.


Parts of these calendars were featured in the 2023-24 version of OpenStax's "Preparing for College Success."

Here's How College Countdown Can Help
With college admissions getting increasingly competitive, it can feel overwhelming (if not downright impossible) to ensure you're going to be a competitive applicant. This guide walks you through all the things you need to consider, including:
When to start thinking about ACTs and SATs -- and how to decide which one is right for you.
How to research colleges.
How to explore your strengths and potential majors.
Strategies for paying for college, including financial aid and scholarships.
How to brainstorm great essay topics.
How to get the most out of your college visits.
Important application dates.
Valuable links and resources to support your college search.

And you get it all at a fraction of the price of working with a college consultant!*

* These calendars don't replace working with a college consultant, but they CAN make things easier.

What Else Can This Calendar Help You Do?

By breaking to-do items down monthly from July-June, you know exactly what you should start thinking about (and doing) ... and WHEN. Here's how it works:

9th Grade Calendar: Covers July after 8th grade until June of 9th grade.

10th Grade Calendar: Covers July after 9th grade until June of 10th grade.

11th Grade Calendar: Covers July after 10th grade until June of 11th grade.

12th Grade Calendar: Covers July after 11th grade until June of 12th grade.


Why All Students Need This Calendar!

It gives you time-sensitive information so you don't miss a thing. Monthly tasks ensure you know exactly what to do, when.

It lets you see a full year's worth of application strategies all at one time -- perfect to put in your college planning binder.

It helps eliminate the stress and confusion that can be associated with planning for and applying to college.

Consult your school's college and career counselor or an independent educational consultant for a more comprehensive, personalized list of action items for your unique situation.

Let's Recap ...

12 months of to-do items that help simplify college applications.

Customized action items for each grade level, starting the July BEFORE they enter the grade level to the June they FINISH that grade level.

Valuable links and resources that cover everything from scholarships to applications to sports recruiting.



That's just a little more than $2 a month. That's way less than your specialty coffee drink each month! 

What are you waiting for?

Your questions, answered.

  • What exactly does College Countdown offer?
    College Countdown is a month-by-month calendar that provides high school students and their parents with actionable strategies and to-do lists for each grade level, helping them navigate the college preparation process. It offers specific guidance on what students should be doing in each month to simplify college admissions and ensure they are well-prepared for the application process.
  • Which grade-level calendar should I buy?
    These Google Doc calendars run from July to June, so each one covers a full academic year.

    If you're buying this over the summer or at the beginning of the school year, you might purchase the calendar for the grade level you're CURRENTLY in.

    If you're buying this with just a few months left of school, you might want to buy the calendar for the NEXT grade level.

    Or if you don't want to miss a thing, consider buying the calendar for all four grade levels at a discount, which makes it almost like getting one grade-level calendar free!

    Not sure which one to buy? Email us at help@essay-coach.com first!
  • Does this replace hiring a college counselor?
    No. This doesn't replace the one-on-one, customized services that a college counselor offers. But for way less than the price of 12 lattes, you'll receive many of the same action items an advisor would have you do and think about.
  • What will I get with my purchase?
    You'll get access to my complete 12-month calendar in Google Doc form. Each month has several action items to complete. Some months (and some grade levels) have more than others, but each month will have AT LEAST three action items.
  • Will you be updating this?
    Yes! This will be a live document, and there may be changes and updates I make. I'll let you know if anything has changed, and the link in your purchase confirmation email will ALWAYS go to the most current Google Doc version!
  • Will anything be mailed to me?
    No. This is a digital product only. No physical copies will be mailed to you. Immediately upon purchase, you'll receive a link in your email to the calendar in Google Docs.
  • Why does the calendar run from July to June?
    I chose to start each calendar in July because that's when students have finished their previous year and are now considered "rising [next grade]" students. I end in June, because that's when most students will have ended their school year.
  • How does College Countdown cater to different grade levels?
    College Countdown has specific to-do lists for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Each grade-level-specific calendar outlines the action items that are most relevant to your particular grade level. Whether you're just starting high school or about to enter your senior year, College Countdown has you covered.
  • How does College Countdown make the college planning journey easier?
    College Countdown takes the guesswork out of college prep by providing a clear roadmap for success. With our month-by-month calendar and action items, you'll have a solid plan in place to simplify the college admissions process. By knowing exactly what you need to do and when, you'll feel confident and empowered as you prepare for college. So, imagine receiving 12 months of actionable advice that helps put you on track – and keeps you there!
  • What if this ends up not being right for me? Are there really no refunds?
    While this is a digital product and all sales are final, I also don't want you to be unhappy.

    If you don't feel this calendar will help you (or your student) get you to where you want to be, contact me within 30 days and I'll provide a full refund.

INSTANT access to this Google Doc calendar filled with monthly to-do items is waiting for you! 

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