Before You Hit SUBMIT on Your College Application, Get ...

An Essay Coach's Guide to Self-Editing Your Admission Essay

Your go-to resource for editing your own admission essays.


You've Worked So Hard! Don't Stop Now!

You've brainstormed. You've written.

Heck, you've even rewritten a few (dozen) times.

It's tempting to just press SUBMIT and be done.

But until you've done a comprehensive edit and proofread, don't do it!

A Well-Edited Essay Shows Admission Officers You ...

Are a good writer who pays attention to detail

Understand (and don't make) common grammatical and mechanical mistakes

Have what it takes to succeed on their campus

"But How Do I Do That?"

"An Essay Coach's Guide to Self-Editing Your Admission Essay" can help.

Inside this 63-page ebook are the editing secrets that can help you:

Eliminate common writing mistakes

Review your essay confidently

Become a better writer

Gain skills that last well after application season

Be confident in the essays you submit

Why Do All Good Writers
Need This Ebook?

Ensures you minimize errors

Simplifies editing and proofreading

Develops skills you'll use long after you submit your admission essay

This guide is a must-have for every family entering the college admissions process. Julia's essay guide is an easy-to-read guide for a teen who just needs some guidance or just doesn't know where to begin! It takes students (and maybe a parent who is helping) through the process start to finish. My favorite part is the final page: the checklist. What a great idea to make sure you didn't overlook anything.

Jen Henson
Owner, Goal Digger ACT Prep

BONUS: Reprintable Essay Editing Checklist

In a time crunch? Don't have time to read the whole ebook?

No problem!

This downloadable essay editing checklist can be printed on its own and serves as a step-by-step guide to editing and proofreading your essay.

Print it (and use it) over again to help make sure you don't miss a thing.

Let's Recap ...

60+ pages of editing and proofreading advice

Reprintable editing checklist

Step-by-step strategies for catching and resolving spelling, grammatical, mechanical, and formatting errors

ONLY $17!

Your questions, answered.

  • What if I'm not a good writer?
    That's OK! Writing is separate from editing and proofreading. And I give you the detailed instructions on how to go through your essay to catch the mistakes that may have slipped through.
  • I don't have time to read a 60+ page ebook!
    I get it. You're busy. That's why I've consolidated all my tips into a one-page checklist at the end. Just print that and check off the action items one by one. The ebook will be there for you later, when you have time. (Hint: Many of these editing tips will help you long after you submit your essay.)
  • Why should I invest in this?
    Fair question. Writing (and writing WELL) is a skill that will last you a lifetime. There may be several times in your life where you will be evaluated -- at least in part -- on your written communication. Your college application is one time, but job applications, cover letters, college papers, and reports are other times where communication is key. This isn't just an investment in an ebook that will help you write a solid admission essay -- it's also investment in ensuring future you is a great communicator.

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