Ready to quickly and easily find a personal statement topic that helps you stand out (and that you're excited to write about)?

Are you:

  • Struggling to come up with a personal statement topic?
  • Feeling like you're not unique or interesting?
  • Tired of having mom or dad nag you about getting started on your essay?
  • Confused about what you should (and shouldn't) write about?
  • Wishing you could just get it all done already?

Then you need this workbook.

 In just one hour, you'll:

  • Have the starts to several potential personal statements
  • Generate ideas for supplemental essays
  • Feel great about your ideas
  • Have the confidence to continue writing

If you give me 60 minutes and your undivided attention and focus, you'll finish with (at least) countless potential topics and you'll have finished writing the beginnings to 5 different potential personal statements.

What Parents Are Saying

​​At the beginning, Kenzie wasn’t sure what to write about in her essay. Not only did she learn a lot about herself through the brainstorming you did with her, but we also loved the way you brought out topics for her to write about that she never even considered or would’ve thought about on her own. You gave her confidence in her writing abilities —

and no amount of money could buy that.

~Michelle A.

Finding the Perfect Essay Topic Can Feel Impossible
With college admissions getting increasingly competitive, it can feel overwhelming (if not downright impossible) to try to find a unique, standout essay topic that can give your application an edge.

My brainstorming strategies help remove that overwhelm. In it, I've included many of the same brainstorming strategies I use with my one-on-one students to help them walk away with amazing topic ideas they're excited to write about.

If you put in 60 minutes and some thoughtful effort, you'll finish with several potential essay topics that only you could write about.

And you get it all at the fraction of the price of working with an essay coach!
What Can This Workbook Help You Do?

In just 60 minutes, this Google Docs workbook gets you started on a standout personal statement by helping you:

Find your unique values and find ways so you can demonstrate them to admission officers

Explore the qualities and experiences that make you, you so you can give admission officers an inside peek as to what you'll bring to the campus community

Discover the challenges (big and small) you've gone through and what you've learned from them so you can show growth and self-reflection

Consider unique sides of yourself that you've never thought about so you can avoid cliche essay topics 

Start writing on 5 essay topics so you can make applications this summer a whole lot easier

About Julia Byrd: Essay Coach

As an essay coach, I work with college applicants to help them recognize their accomplishments and draw unique connections between their life experiences, their values, and their college and career goals. I offer a customized approach to brainstorming, writing, and editing admission essays, and my accessibility and relatability to students are the cornerstone of my approach. I’m proud to ease the stress between students and parents while increasing students’ writing confidence.

I'm proud to collaborate with organizations like College Essay Guy and Texas A&M to help students achieve their college admission goals. I'm also a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, to stay current on the industry.
Why All Students Writing Admission Essays Need This Workbook!

Lets you make maximum brainstorming and writing progress in minimum time

Prepares you for application season so you can enjoy more of your summer

Eliminates brainstorming stress and gives you tangible results.

Unlock Your Essay Topic Potential:
Discover How It Works

Let's dive into how Nailing Your Personal Statement Topic in 60 Minutes can help you unleash your creativity and nail that perfect essay topic. 

  • Step 1: Dive into the Fillable Google Doc. This interactive tool is your ticket to breaking free from writer's block and finding that ideal essay topic. 
  • Step 2: Engage in Brainstorming Activities. Get ready to flex those creative muscles as I guide you through brainstorming exercises that will spark inspiration and help you uncover unique aspects of your experiences and personality.
  • Step 3: Overcome Common Roadblocks. Whether you feel like you're not a strong writer or you believe your experiences aren't noteworthy, this tool will empower you to discover compelling essay topics.
  • Step 4: Craft a Memorable Essay. With a newfound sense of direction and confidence, you'll be equipped to craft a personal statement that stands out, captivate admissions officers, and boosts your chances of getting into your dream college.
  • Step 5: Simplify the Writing Process. No more struggling with where to start or what to write about! This workbook streamlines the essay-writing process, making it easier and faster for you to articulate your unique voice and experiences.

Ready to transform your college application essay from daunting to dazzling? 

 Let's get brainstorming!

What Students Are Saying ...

I came up with more ideas than I thought I would to write a solid essay that covers everything!

~ Kylen R., Class of 2024

Let's Recap ...

What will you get in this 25+ page Google Doc workbook?

More than 125 brainstorming questions that stimulate outside-the-box thinking and help you

60-minute (minimum) time commitment

Unlimited potential for discovering personal statement and supplemental essay topics

The confidence to keep writing on your own!

ONLY $17!

Your questions, answered.

  • Does this really take just an hour?
    Yep. You can take longer if you like, of course. But all I ask is that you spend 30 minutes completing the brainstorming activities and 30 minutes writing on 5 different topics. Then BOOM. You're done.
  • What if I still don't have a topic after I finish?
    With 19 pages of brainstorming activities and more than 125 questions to get you thinking (don't worry, you don't have to answer them all), I'm confident you'll finish this workbook with several ideas.
  • Who is this workbook designed for?
    This workbook is perfect for high school juniors and seniors who are working on their college applications.
  • How do you know this will work for me?
    These are some of the same questions I ask my one-on-one students when I walk them through brainstorming and topic development. These activities haven't failed me yet! And they won't fail you, either!
  • How do I complete this workbook?
    Upon purchase, you'll receive a link to the workbook in Google Docs. Make a copy of it, then you can either type your answers directly in the new document or print a copy and handwrite your answers. The choice is up to you!
  • Will anything be mailed to me?
    No. This is a digital product only. No physical copies will be mailed to you. Immediately upon purchase, you'll receive a link to the workbook in Google Docs.
  • What kinds of exercises will I be doing?
    There's quite the variety, but I'll be asking you do consider things like:

    * What 5 personal items would you save from your home in the event of a fire, and what do they symbolize to you?

    * What is your hidden talent? How did you learn it, and what does that show about you?

    * What are your most important qualities, and can you tell a story about each?
What Parents Are Saying ...

Julia's brainstorming exercises were very helpful for my daughter to explore new ideas and find a creative direction for her personal essay!

~ Amy H.

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding that unique, memorable topic that will wow those selective college admissions officers. 

Whether you're a student feeling lost in the sea of essay ideas or a parent looking to ease the process without the nagging, this fillable Google Doc workbook is your key to unlocking your writing potential. Let's make this journey to college admission a breeze – no more writer's block, self-doubt, or boring topics allowed!

INSTANT ACCESS to this workbook is waiting for you! 

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